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 Discover how to find peace, freedom from depression, let go of pain, and heal from trauma.

Are you ready to:

  • Break free from depression 
  • Replace self-defeating behaviors
  • Overcome anxiety 
  • Relinquish limiting beliefs
  • Eliminate unwanted habits
Do you desire to:
  • Feel contentment and peace
  • Experience a new found joy
  • Regain focus and balance
  • Embrace your authentic self
  • Unlock your true potential

My name is Julie Ingber. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Nationally Board Certified Counselor. I started my career in mental health counseling over 35 years ago. During that time I have had the privilege and honor to assist hundreds of individuals on their journey to healing and health.

It usually takes a significant event or experience for someone to decide to seek counseling. Many people believe that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help and do not afford themselves the opportunity to heal because of that belief. The truth is it takes courage to be willing to honestly face the things in your life that are no longer working and move beyond your precieved limits to a more empowered and effective way of being.

I understand how frightening it can be to take that initial step and ask for help. My goal is to provide an enviornment that will enable you to feel accepted and supported while exploring and overcoming experiences in your life that in the past may have felt too overwhelming to face.

The gifts that effective therapy offers are a sense of wholeness and self confidence as well as the healing of shame and the letting go past beliefs that no longer serve your best interest.. Our minds have a tremendous capability to change. I invite you to take that journey in a supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental process.  

If therapy is going to be effective (not just a band-aid) it takes commitment and work by both the client and therapist for healing to occur. The length of time required for therapy will depend on the complexity of the issue and length of time the client has been experiencing the specific challenge they are coming in to address. Some issues and situations only take a few sessions to work through and overcome, others may take much longer. It also depends on how motivated the client is to make the changes he/she wants to experience. A person typically spends 50 minutes once a week or every other week in counseling. A significant amount of the healing happens in between sessions as you experience and practice new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Today you are one step closer to breaking free, feeling empowered, and on a positive path toward growth and well-being. I invite you to call or email me to make your initial appointment and start on your road to recovery.



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